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Ammo 67

Answers 67-03 and 67-15 are wrong

67-01 What type of hazard does Hazard class 7 materials present? Radioactive hazard

67-02 In what section of the MSDS would you find the vapor and pressure density of a material? Physical/Chemical Characteristics

*67-03 What publication regulates movement of hazardous material by military air? IATA

67-04 In what section of a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) would you find markings required for shipment? Transportation Data

67-05 What type of hazard class1, Division 2 material present? Projection (fragmentation) hazard

67-06 What publication regulates the movement of hazardous material by vessels in international waters? IMDG

67-07 In addition to the label, which markings on packages identify a material as hazardous? Proper shipping name and ID number

67-08 Which pages of the ERG list the ID codes in numeric order? Yellow

67-09 What does a shipping paper identify if it has proper shipping name, ID number and hazard class? A hazardous material

67-10 What publication contains the training requirement for DOD personnel? DOD 4500.9-R

67-11 How will a package of flammable liquid materials be identified? Class 3 Flammable Liquid Label

67-12 What term best describes material that is hazardous to waterways? Marine pollutant

67-13 In which section of a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) would you find the Proper extinguishing media for material involved in a fire? Fire and Explosion Hazard Data

67-14 What publication contains the federal law regarding the training of employees and the proper shipping procedures for hazardous materials? 49 CFR

*67-15 According to the ERG, What is the isolation distance for ID number 1016 in a small package? 100 meters

67-16 What information is provided on the green pages of the ERG? Isolation/protective distances for items the generate toxic inhalation fumes

67-17 identify the criteria that determines a substance as being a hazardous material? All of the Above 67-18 What Label would be put on a package with a mass explosion hazard? Explosive 1.1 label 67-19 Which class/division contains toxic or poisonous substance? 6.1

Ammo 67

67-20 How are items identified as a toxic inhalation hazard in yellow ID code pages of the ERG? The ID code is highlighted with green shading

67-21 What is used to identify packages containing hazardous materials? Label

67-22 Which publication mandates compliance with the requirements of 49 CFA, IATA and IMDG for DOD personnel? DOD 4500.9-R, Defense Transportation Regulation Part II (Cargo Movement)

67-23 According to the ERG, what is the correct ID number for carbon monoxide? 1016

67-24 How are hazardous materials identified in vehicles and rail cars? Placards on all four sides

67-25 What does the marking “RQ” identify? Hazardous substance

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