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Final Exam for: IS-100.he: Introduction to the Incident Command System for

Higher Education

Each time that this test is taken online, questions and answers are scrambled to

protect the integrity of the exam

Completion of this examination is an individual effort

Expansion of incidents may require the delegation of authority for the performance of operations, Planning, Logistics, and Finance/Administration functions. The people who perform these four management functions are designated as the:

O Command Staff O General Staff O Director Staff O Deputy Staff

Which General Staff position manages costs related to the incident, and provides accounting, procurement, time recording, and cost analyses?

O Operations Section Chief O Planning Section Chief O Logistics Section Chief

O Finance/Administration Section Chief

Depending upon the size and type of incident or event, it may be necessary for the Incident Commander to designate personnel to provide public information, safety, and liaison services for the entire organization. In ICS, these personnel make up the:

O Command Staff O General Staff O Director Staff O Deputy Staff

ICS has been used to manage incidents such as fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, and acts of terrorism. Which of the following situations represents another viable application for the use of ICS?

O The management of nursing staff at the university hospital during weekend shifts.

O The oversight of the annual fiscal budget for a college library, including the procurement of new books.

O The oversight of safety issues associated with a freshman chemistry class throughout the fall and spring semesters.

O The planning and operation of the homecoming celebration, including the parade, fireworks display and football game.

At which incident facility are resources kept to support incident operations if a Base is not accessible to all resources?

O Helibase

O Staging Area O Camp

O Incident Command Post

Check-in officially logs you in at the incident. The check-in process and information help to: Ensure personnel accountability. Track resources. Prepare personnel for assignments and reassignments. Organize the demobilization process. And _______________________________.

O Determine how food and lodging will be provided. O Locate personnel in case of an emergency.

O Identify purchasing authority and procedures.

O Determine procedures for reimbursing your headquarters.

Which General Staff position conducts tactical operations, develops the tactical objectives and organization, and directs all tactical resources?

O Operations Section Chief O Planning Section Chief O Logistics Section Chief

O Finance/Administration Section Chief

Which position is the only one that is always staffed in ICS applications?

OPublic Information Officer

OSafety Officer

OIncident Commander

OOperations Section Chief

The ability to communicate within ICS is absolutely critical. To ensure efficient, clear communication, ICS requires the use of:

ORadio Codes

OTechnical language

OCommon terminology

OAgency-specific codes

At which incident facility are primary logistics functions coordinated and administered?

OIncident Command Post

OStaging Area



Every incident must have a verbal or written Incident Action Plan. The purpose of this plan is to provide all incident supervisory personnel with direction for:

O Monitoring the number of resources that report to any one supervisor. O Obtaining and maintaining essential personnel, equipment, and supplies.

O Maintaining documentation and tracking resources assigned to the incident.

O Taking actions based on the objectives identified in the plan during the operational period.

Which of the following would you expect to see in an Incident Action Plan?

OListing of all staff members currently deployed to the incident.

OA schematic showing all communication equipment in use at the incident.

OMeasurable tactical operations to be achieved within the specified period.

ODetailed cost estimates for implementing the proposed activities.

Which Command Staff position serves as the primary contact for supporting agencies assigned to an incident?

OResource Officer

OSafety Officer

OLiaison Officer

OPublic Information Officer

Which General Staff position prepares and documents the Incident Action Plan, collects and evaluates information, maintains resource status, and maintains documentation for incident records?

OOperations Section Chief

OPlanning Section Chief

OLogistics Section Chief

OFinance/Administration Section Chief

There is no correlation between the ICS organization and the administrative structure of any single agency or jurisdiction. This is deliberate because:

OIn ICS, the person at the top of the organization can act with less political pressure.

OConfusion over different position titles and organizational structures has been a significant stumbling block to effective incident management in the past.

OOn small incidents and events, one person, the Incident Commander, may accomplish all five management functions.

OEvery incident or event requires that different management functions be performed.

After check-in, you should:

OArrange personal items needed for your estimated length of stay.

OReport to the command post.

ODetermine your return mode of transportation.

OLocate your incident supervisor and obtain your initial briefing.

Which Command Staff position monitors safety conditions and develops measures for assuring the safety of all assigned personnel?

O Resource Officer O Safety Officer O Liaison Officer

O Public Information Officer

Which incident facility is positioned outside of the present and potential hazard area, but close enough to the incident to maintain command?

O Incident Command Post O Staging Area

O Camp O Base

Which incident facility is the location where personnel and equipment are kept while waiting for tactical assignments?

O Incident Command Post O Staging Area

O Camp O Base

Which General Staff position is responsible for ensuring that assigned incident personnel are fed and have communications, medical support, and transportation as needed to meet the operational objectives?

O Operations Section Chief O Planning Section Chief O Logistics Section Chief

O Finance/Administration Section Chief

A basic ICS principle is that the first Incident Commander is responsible until the:

OAuthority is delegated to another person.

OEvent or incident has demobilized.

ONext operational period has begun.

OFive management functions are activated.

Designers of the system recognized early that ICS must:

Meet the needs of incidents of any kind or size. Provide logistical and administrative support to ensure that operational staff can meet tactical objectives. Be cost effective by avoiding duplication of efforts and __________________________________________

OAllow personnel from a variety of agencies to meld rapidly into a common management structure.

OCompensate for incident response failures likely to result from a lack of resources.

OUse certified emergency responders to serve as incident commanders and section chiefs.

ORequire that a minimum number of personnel be deployed to perform administrative and logistics functions.

Which Command Staff position serves as the conduit between internal and external stakeholders, including the media, or other organizations seeking information directly from the incident or event?

O Resource Officer O Safety Officer O Liaison Officer

O Public Information Officer

One ICS principle relates to the supervisory structure of the organization and pertains to the number of individuals or resources one incident supervisor can manage effectively. This operating guideline is referred to as:

O Form follows function O Unity of Command O Span of control

O Delegation of authority

At each level of the ICS organization, individuals in positions of primary responsibility have distinct titles. Using specific ICS position titles serves three important purposes:

The use of distinct titles allows for filling ICS positions with the most qualified individuals rather than by rank. Standard position titles are useful when requesting qualified personnel and


O Position titles help to maintain the normal lines of authority within agencies. O Prestige associated with certain titles helps to motivate responders.

O Distinct titles help clarify the activities undertaken by specific personnel. O Titles provide a common standard for all responders.

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You have to put down specific details inside the box accessibletoallresources, oHelibaseoStagingAreaoCampo, and IncidentCommandPost.

final exam for ics 100 accessibletoallresources, oHelibaseoStagingAreaoCampo, and IncidentCommandPost fields to fill out

Inside the paragraph IncidentCommander, oOperationsSectionChief, communicationICSrequirestheuseof, IncidentCommandPost, and oStagingAreaoCampoBase, include the rights and responsibilities of the parties.

IncidentCommander, oOperationsSectionChief, communicationICSrequirestheuseof, IncidentCommandPost, and oStagingAreaoCampoBase in final exam for ics 100

End by checking the following fields and preparing them as required: period, and toanincident.

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