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It can be challenging to keep track of all the medications that you or a loved one are taking. That's why it's important to understand how to properly take medication, as well as know what potential side effects to watch for. This medication administration test answers form can help you do just that. The quiz asks a variety of questions about how to take various types of medication, as well as provides space for you to make notes about any allergies or other special considerations.

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Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare

Office of Developmental Programs


PA Department of Public Welfare

Medication Administration Program

Registration Now Open

ODP Communication Number: Announcement 090-13

The mission of the Office of Developmental Programs is to support Pennsylvanians with developmental disabilities to

achieve greater independence, choice and opportunity in their lives.

AUDIENCE: Agency/Entity Administrators, Medication Administration Primary Contacts, Agency/Entity Training Directors, Existing and Prospective Medication Administration Trainers employed by one of the following applicable DPW or Aging licensed environments:

Department of Public Welfare (DPW)

Department of Aging

Chapter 2380: Adult Training Facilities

Title 55 Aging, Chapter 2800: Assisted Living



Chapter 2390: Vocational Facilities

Title 6 Aging, Chapter 11: Adult Day Services



Chapter 2600: Personal Care Homes




Chapter 2800: Assisted Living Residences




Chapter 3800: Child Residential and Day Treatment






Chapter 6400: Community Homes for Individuals with


Mental Retardation




Chapter 6600: Intermediate Care Facilities for Other


Related Conditions (ICF/ORC)




Chapter 6600: Intermediate Care Facilities for


Individuals with an Intellectual Disability (ICF/ID)



The new Medication Administration course will teach unlicensed staff in applicable licensed settings to safely administer medication. The Medication Administration Train the Trainer program has retained the train the trainer concept, but has updated the delivery strategy to blend the use of online training and classroom



ODP Announcement 090-13

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learning. New and existing trainers can register online at the Medication Administration Program website at:, on October 1, 2013.


Below is the new delivery strategy for the Medication Administration Train the Trainer course. A visual representation of the information presented below is contained in the process flow appendix.



STEP 1: Registration

Create Profile or Login to existing profile on Medication Administration website.

Update Profile, if needed.

Complete application whether a new trainer candidate or recertifying trainer.

Make online payment

Receive email confirmation (registration and payment) and instructions to access and complete online coursework.


Complete Online

Course Work

Complete 11 online lessons (webcasts with written transcripts), 10 of which have quizzes to be completed.

Quizzes for each lesson become available when the trainer candidate reaches the end of the lesson. Trainer candidates will have two attempts to pass (score 80% or greater) each quiz.

Once all lessons and quizzes are successfully completed, online testing becomes available.

Online testing = multiple choice and written documentation exams

Once online testing is successfully completed, registration for the face to face training becomes available (Move to Step 3).

If online testing is not successfully completed, trainer candidates will have a second opportunity to view the online lessons and complete the online testing.

Successful completion of the online lessons, quizzes and testing must be completed within 3 months of payment for the course.


Attend Classroom Training

Registration and attendance at the face to face training must be completed within 6 months of successfully completing the online course work and testing.

Registration confirmation message and material to prepare for the classroom presentation emailed to trainer candidates.

The face to face training includes a presentation by trainer candidates and content for training students back at the provider. Once the face to face training is successfully completed, the trainer candidate is able to complete the final online lesson, Training, Testing and Monitoring. (Move to Step 4).

If the trainer candidate does not successfully complete the face to face training, then he/she will have a second opportunity to attend the face to face training (without additional payment).

STEP 4: Certification

Complete Lesson 12: Training, Testing and Monitoring.

Once the final lesson is successfully completed, the trainer candidate is certified and his/her certificate becomes available online. Additional materials and resources will also become available online to the trainer at this time. Trainer candidates will have 60 days from successful completion of the face to face training to complete Lesson 12.



ODP Announcement 090-13

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Additional Information:

New Look to the Website:

There is a new look to the Medication Administration Program website. The new look is designed to help you navigate to online registration, online courses and other valuable supports and resources with ease. The website will also provide you with current information, announcements, and materials related to the Medication Administration Program.

New Course:

Only trainers who have been certified in the new course can teach the new course to students. In order to be certified, trainers must take the new DPW Medication Administration course. Certified trainers cannot certify or train other trainers in the new course Medication Administration Train the Trainer course.

Pilot Project

During the summer of 2013, the new Medication Administration Train the Trainer course was piloted by new and certified trainers. The pilot participants tested each step of the new course including online registration, online payment, online course work and testing, and the face to face classroom training. The pilot participants provided feedback in all areas of the new course which was used to improve the experience for course participants.

Online Registration and Payment

The medication administration program has offered online registration since August 2011. Enhancements to the registration process have been made that include a more efficient registration process, enhanced instructions, and online payment. During the registration process, individuals can create and update their profile (i.e. address, phone number, etc.).

In addition, the agency or entity Primary Contact will verify employment and make the online

payment for the trainer candidate through PayPal or by using a credit card. Once online payment is received, immediate co fir atio of the i di idual’s registratio occurs and the individual can begin

the online course work. For the upcoming training year, there will be no changes in the cost for the Train the Trainer program.

Online Lessons and Quizzes

Online lessons have been designed to teach unlicensed staff what they need to know in order to administer medication. The Medication Administration Train the Trainer course continues to provide participants who successfully complete the course to become certified trainers for their agency or entity who can teach unlicensed staff to properly administer medication, monitor unlicensed staff who administer medication, teach Practicum Observers to assist with the monitoring of unlicensed staff who give medication and monitor Practicum Observers who assist with the monitoring of unlicensed staff who give medication.



ODP Announcement 090-13

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In addition, each online lesson is supported by an online quiz that evaluates real time learning. Each individual has two attempts to successfully complete each quiz. The passing score for each quiz is 80%. As the individual successfully completes each lesson and quiz, he/she will progress to the online post-test.

Online Post-test

The online post-test will be completed by the trainer candidate prior to registering for the face to face classroom training. The online post-test consists of a multiple choice exam and the written documentation exam which is in four parts. The trainer candidate has two attempts to successfully complete the online post-test. Once the trainer candidate has successfully completed the online examination, he/she can register for the face to face classroom training.

Face to Face Classroom Training

The face to face classroom training serves to reinforce the medication administration course and the principle responsibilities of a certified trainer. The face to face classroom training also provides the

trainer candidate the opportunity to demonstrate their presentation skills. During the classroom sessio , the trai er ca didate ill recei e a trai er’s a ual a d other i porta t resources. These

resources will help guide the classroom training back at the provider and be a valuable resource for the certified trainer.

Face to face classroom trainings will be regularly scheduled during the calendar year and available statewide. Once you have registered to attend the face to face classroom session, you can view your confirmation letter online. The confirmation letter provides you with details for the classroom session including the start and end time of the classroom training, what to bring with you to class, etc. A trainer candidate will also receive an assignment where they will be required to conduct a presentation in class as part of the classroom activity.

Online Post-training Materials

Once the trainer candidate has successfully completed the online course work, post-tests, and the face to face classroom training, he/she will complete the final online lesson, titled Training, Testing and Monitoring .


Once the trainer candidate has completed all course requirements, he/she will have access to his/her certificate and be certified for a period of three (3) years from the date of course completion.


The new Medication Administration Train the Trainer Course is designed for Initial Training and recertification for existing trainers. Payment for recertification will be completed online and at the



ODP Announcement 090-13

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2012-2013 rate. Online instructions will walk you through the process to request the recertification cost.

Necessary Computer Technology

In order to be successful with the new online training delivery, Internet Explorer 7 or a later version and Adobe Flash must be available on your computer.

Determining your Internet Browser: To determine which Internet Explorer version you have, open your browser, choose Help>About Internet Explorer from the menu. The version you have will be displayed.

About Adobe Flash: Flash Player is a free download that is used for various purposes, but is most readily associated with the viewing of videos, the playing of games, and rich Internet applications. Adobe Flash Player runs streaming video and audio whether you wish to use a desktop PC, laptop, mobile device or games console.

To Download Adobe Flash: Click on the free download button on the Adobe Flash Player website.

If you have any questions email the Medication Administration Help Desk at



ODP Announcement 090-13

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