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Shivyog portal form is a web form that allows people to access the Shivyog portal. The Shivyog portal is a website that provides information about the Shivyog Foundation, which is a nonprofit organization. The Shivyog portal form can be used to sign up for email updates or to make donations to the Shivyog Foundation. The form is easy to use and helps people connect with the Shivyog Foundation online.

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Form NameShivyog Portal
Form Length8 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out2 min
Other namesshivyog login, shivyog portal, shivyogportal login, shivyog portal com

Form Preview Example

Welcome to the new Shivir Registration Portal

Please review this guide before you start registration, it will make registering yourself very easy.

Your ShivYog ID(SYID) will make registration Very, Very Easy ! If you do not remember your SYID, please use the “Forgot SY ID” link on the right circled in RED to find your SYID.

If you DO NOT have your SYID, your registration will only be Very Easy, Let’s proceed!

STEP 1: Please click on the “Register Now” button to begin your registration process.

STEP 2: Click on “Add Member” button to enroll yourself or another Sadhak registration.


SYID (ShivYog ID) is the id you received when you registered at website.

If you DO NOT have this ID (never registered before), please click No and proceed, a new one will be generated for you, to enable easier registration in the future.

If you have your ID, please click Yes and proceed further.


Please enter your first name and ShivYog ID and click ADD. If your profile is NOT FOUND, please check the name and SYID entered.

If you still have issues, please restart registration and select NO, for ShivYog ID. The system will try to locate your ID and register you, OR it will generate a new ID for you. Proceed to STEP 7.


Your profile has been located! Please select the seating category from the drop down menu.

To add another member, please click on the “Add More Member”.

To receive your registration confirmation, please enter your email id.

Please accept the Term and Conditions by clicking on the check box.

Please click on Proceed to move to the next step. If you DO NOT see a new screen, it means a field has been left blank. Kindly review the screen for an error message in RED.

STEP 6: Please enter valid credit card information and click “Pay Now” to complete registration.


All fields marked * are mandatory and must be filled.

User Name: Please enter a Username you would like to use in this system.

Please enter your First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Country of residence, State of residence, city of residence, residence street address and zip code.

Upon entering all fields, please click on the “Save” button and proceed to enter contact information.

Click on Contact Info. This will open up the screen below.

Step 8:

Enter your mobile Number and click on the “Send Verification Code”

Enter the verification code received on your cell phone in the field below, and click on “Verify Code”. Upon successful completion of this step, enter your email id and click Save.

Verification can also be done via email. Sometimes, due to slow internet traffic, it may take time for the verification code to reach you, or it may get into the SPAM folder.

Click on the “Done” button to complete your ShivYog ID generation. You should now see the screen below.

Click on “Proceed For Registration”


Your information has now been saved. Select your seating category, Enter your email id to which you want to send your registration confirmation, Accept the Terms and Conditions by clicking on it. Click on “Proceed” to move to the next step.

Step 10:

Please enter the payment / credit card details and click on “Pay Now”

Upon successful completion of the transaction, you will receive an email confirmation on your registered email id like the one below.

For further inquiries about your registration, you may email the following addresses.

For questions related to shivirs in Hayward you can send email to or to talk to a volunteer you can call +1 510 681 0888

For questions related to shivirs in Somerset you can send email to or to talk to a volunteer you can call +1 609 474 4808

For questions related to shivir in Atlanta you can send email to or to talk to a volunteer you can call +1 678 3984999

For questions related to shivir in Trenton you can send email to or to talk to a volunteer you can call +1 201 785-7271

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