Utah Promissory Note Template

When you lend money in Utah (and in any other American state), the lender can secure their money by ensuring that the borrower signs the Utah promissory note. The document proves that the lender lent the money and provides additional details like:

  • Lender’s and borrower’s personal details (including names and contact details).
  • The date of refund, accompanied by a schedule of payments.
  • The exact sum and the interest rate acceptable for both parties.

When the lent sum is large, or the lender wants a guarantee of a refund, the lender should choose a secured promissory note. That way, the borrower will give security just in case they cannot give the money back.

If the borrower is your family member, friend, or someone you can trust, you can opt for the unsecured promissory note. The free promissory note does not provide any information about any security that can be used to cover the debt.

Utah Promissory Note Form

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Create a free high quality Utah Promissory Note online now!

Utah Usury Laws

Each state has its norms that tell about usury, and the state of Utah is not an exemption. You may find the relevant laws in the Utah Code (Title 15).

Section 1 of Chapter 1 in the mentioned Title advises on the maximum interest rate at the level of 10%. However, borrowers and lenders may agree on different conditions. To make those conditions valid, the parties have to include the information in the Utah promissory note template.

Utah Promissory Note Form Details

Document Name Utah Promissory Note Form
Other Name UT Promissory Note
Max. Rate 10% (unless otherwise agreed between parties in a written contract)
Relevant Laws Utah Code, Section 15-1-1
Avg. Time to Fill Out 10 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 28
Available Formats Adobe PDF
Template Preview
Create a free high quality Utah Promissory Note online now!

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Filling Out the Utah Promissory Note

We have prepared a brief list of steps you should complete for the successful Utah promissory note obtainment.

  • Download the Form Template

It is crucial to find the correct template of a promissory note. Use our form-building software to get one.

  • Enter the County and the Borrowed Sum in US dollars

Below the heading of the form on the left-hand side, write the borrowed sum in US dollars. On the right-hand side, insert the name of the County in Utah where the note is signed.
County and borrowed sum indication part of Utah promissory note template

  • Write the Date

There is a blank line for the date of signing below the name of the county. Insert the date here.
Date indication section of a document of promissory note for Utah

  • Write the Lender’s and the Borrower’s Names

In the suitable lines, add the name of the borrower (or “maker”) and the lender (or “holder”).
Lender's and borrower's names indication section of Utah promissory note form

  • Enter the Sum Again

Again, you have to insert the sum in US dollars that the lender has given to the borrower. Write it both in letters and numbers.
Sum specification part of Utah promissory note document

  • Define the Interest Rate

Both parties should agree on a certain interest rate. Discuss and insert it in the document.
Interest rate definition section of Utah document of promissory note

  • Include Information about Penalties

If the payment is delayed, the borrower may face penalties. Describe them in this section.
Penalties info indication part of Utah promissory note template

  • Describe Additional Encumbrances (If Applicable)

If there are other promissory notes signed by the borrower, add details about them.
Additional encumbrances description section of promissory note for Utah

  • Read the Statements Carefully

The template contains a list of statements. The maker and the holder should read them carefully.

  • Sign the Promissory Note

Both the maker and the holder should sign the note in Utah.
Signing part of promissory note for Utah

seal of utah state
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Published: Aug 29, 2022