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Georgia Power of Attorney forms are useful for everybody to have on deck in the event you might want a person to be your representative. You commonly apply a POA when you require some other individual to serve in your stead if you can not act yourself. There are various instances when this might be applied.

You can as well select an individual as your attorney when you need to have legal representation for someone under your care and are not able to help them. For instance, in case you required to use an attorney to speak for your children, you might want to complete a particular Power of Attorney form.

Since this particular individual is going to be your representative, you might want to be certain that they’re dependable and dedicated to helping you. This is applicable to any type of Power of Attorney form you’re using.

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Create a free Georgia Power of Attorney online in under 5 minutes!

Georgia Power of Attorney Form Details

Governing Laws Georgia Code, Sections 10-6-140 to 10-6-142
UPOAA Based? Yes
Is Durability Presumed? Yes (according to Section 10-6B-4)
Multiple Agents No (according to Section 10-6B-11)
Statutory Form Yes (according to Section 10-6B-70)

9 Georgia POA Types

Durable (Financial) Power of Attorney Form

The Georgia Durable (Financial) Power of Attorney Forms are recommended in preparing for real estate arguments. It’ll be smart for you to arrange the papers

now since upcoming situations might make you not capable of making your own decisions.

The form will remain valid even when you are unluckily immobilized. Be aware if you just intend to fill in the General Power of Attorney form — it gets invalid if a physician confirms you happen to be indisposed.

You might want to fill this form out as a precaution — there’s no way to anticipate when an accident can take place, which turns you not capable of making your choices.

Create a free Georgia Power of Attorney online in under 5 minutes!

General Power of Attorney Form

This General Power of Attorney form is frequently utilized to grant spouses the ability to act for each other. It enables you to choose a relative or close friend to handle your financial issues when you’re not able to do so. Obviously, it’s essential to always make certain that you are picking a dependable person to act on your behalf in such a state of affairs. Be aware that if you got incapacitated, this document would turn out to be inactive.

If you are interested in a form that keeps being in effect even if you are unable to communicate with other people, you will wish to go to the Durable (Financial) Power of Attorney Form.

Health Care Directive/Medical POA

This Georgia Health Care Directive form sets up a Power of Attorney case, in which you opt for someone reliable to act in your stead. That permits these individuals to make healthcare decisions in your stead when you were not capable of communicating with hospital professionals.

Moreover, this is the form you should complete in order to set up your Living Will or some other end of life care decisions. The form works as a safety measure should a regrettable incident influence your health and cause you to be put in the hospital. Without having one set up, healthcare specialists will not understand or know what you’d like to occur.

Limited (Special) Power of Attorney

Limited Power of Attorney forms are usually selected to give another individual the opportunity to act and speak on your behalf in specific scenarios. It might be used in various situations and can be intended for your current circumstances. This is considered the most versatile Power of Attorney form — it will probably aid you in impermanent scenarios.

You’ll want to make certain you are appointing an individual who has your best interests in mind since they will be representing you and be permitted access to a lot of your details. You’ll need to express their duties thoroughly so that they aren’t mistaken in a way that causes you harm later on.

Minor Child Power of Attorney Form

The Guardian of Minor Child Power of Attorney form enables a dependable relation or friend to be a caregiver in your absence. The document allows the temporary guardian all the authorities the parent has — such as health or educational choices.

If you intend on having a particular individual watch your kid for an extended period without writing out this form, they may encounter several issues. The form may also specify a caretaker in the event the parents of the child died.

Power of Attorney Revocation Form

Revocation Power of Attorney forms are usually utilized if you’ve already picked an agent yet now want to eliminate their ability to act and speak in your place. This form may be associated with a termination letter, although it removes any rights you had given to your representative.

This Power of Attorney form is crucial if you need to displace someone as your attorney. Verbal agreements won’t be effectual in cases like this. Consequently, even when you agree on it in speech, your agent will continue to be considered as such until the completed document is sent out.

After filling the form in, do not forget to mail a hard copy to the POA, and also all other concerned people. This informs everybody that the agent is no more able to act and speak in your place. If not, your preceding agent will carry on doing it without you knowing.

Real Estate Power of Attorney Form

The Real Estate Power of Attorney form is made for principals that wish to allow another individual to control the sale, purchase, or other management of their real estate.

Tax Power of Attorney Form

You’ll need to fill in this Tax Power of Attorney form when you intend on enabling another person, such as a tax attorney, to access your tax data and make filings. This document grants these people legal approval to do so.

Vehicle Power of Attorney

The Vehicle Power of Attorney form is chosen when you’d like to appoint some other person to be the one in charge of dealing with matters that involve your car. It’s also chosen to dictate who will speak for you in scenarios connected with the Department of Public Safety, Driver and Vehicle Services Division.

By filling out the document, your representative will get the ability tied to registering and titling your car in your state. Kindly note that the document needs to be reviewed and signed by a certified specialist for it to get valid. They will simply be necessary to register identifying specifics of the car in question.

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Other Georgia Forms

We offer a wide range of essential Georgia templates to anybody seeking simplicity when handling various agreements, contracts, and other paperwork in the state.

Published: Oct 1, 2020
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