8th Day Center for Justice

8th Day Center for Justice is a non-profit organization with staff offices in Chicago, Illinois, named after the Christian belief that all of life is on the 8th day of creation, bringing all to full justice.

8th Day was founded in 1974 by six Catholic religious congregations of women and men.  Today, over 35 sponsoring congregations and other partners support 8th Day’s commitment to act as a critical alternative voice to oppressive systems and work actively to change those systems.

8th Day envisions a world of right relationships in which all creation is seen as sacred and interconnected.  Its mission is guided by the principles of non-violence, cooperation, and mutuality with Earth and among all people regardless of ethnicity, religion, cultural background, gender, socio-economic class, or sexual orientation.

8th Day lives out its mission through efforts of education, advocacy, organizing, and non-violent direct actions. The Center upholds the right of conscience to dissent against oppressive structures in society and actively responds to emerging critical needs of our times.

8th Day Center’s internal organizing structure operates in a circular decision-making model. As such, all roles and responsibilities are distributed in a non-hierarchical manner among the full-time staff.


Impelled by the belief that all creation is sacred and interrelated, imbued with the principles of nonviolence, mutuality, and cooperation, the 8th Day Center for Justice, a coalition founded by Catholic religious congregations, acts as a critical alternative voice to oppressive systems and works to change those systems.

Our Work

The 8th Day Center for Justice is a progressive Catholic social justice organization that works to dismantle exploitative systems of power such as racism, sexism, capitalism, militarism, and borderism through education, advocacy, grassroots organizing, and direct action with others who are committed to a just and peaceful world.

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What We Do

The 8th Day carries out its work for systemic change in coalition with many partner organizations that focus on various peace and social justice issues. We join these groups to plan faith-based justice gatherings, conferences, educational opportunities, protests and vigils, and workshops. Our main instruments are as follows:

  1. Analysis. Our tool for deepening awareness and understanding.
  2. Advocacy. Our tool for translating our knowledge into doing.
  3. Education. Our tool for creating spaces for social change through sharing knowledge.
  4. Action. Our tool for creating radical spaces of dialogue with systems of power.

Internally, we engage a nonhierarchical ‘flat’ organizational model in an attempt to live into the world we envision–one where power dynamics and top-down relationships cease to exist. Our model is rooted in consensus decision-making; everyone comes to the table as an equal partner with an equal voice in each decision.


Stay connected with your friends on 8th Day by signing up to receive our electronic newsletter on each month’s “8th Day”. The e-newsletter will provide you with up-to-date information on the work of 8th Day, including actions, events, and reflections.


Centerings was an alternative magazine published by the 8th Day Center for Justice. Centerings explored the social issues of the day by connecting with individuals and coalitions that are the most impacted in the struggle. Centerings provided a creative space for the analysis needed to help imagine a more just world. Below, we have archived past issues of Centerings.

Creating Just Language

Creating Just Language is a consciousness-raising tool that suggests alternatives to the dominating and often exclusionary language used in both church and society today. It offers helpful examples and exercises for its readers to continue the effort in creating just language. Creating Just Language covers topics such as sexist, militaristic, racist, homophobic, and exclusionary language. It promotes the language and thought of a “new” cosmology that reclaims and promotes the interdependence and interconnectedness of all life.

We invite you to purchase our Creating Just Language booklet for classes, parish councils, campus ministries, libraries, and individuals struggling to build a world of right relationships.

Feminist Platform

In April 2016, 8th Day debuted the Feminist Platform, a collection of policy recommendations on the justice issues that 8th Day deems most crucial at this time. The document is attached here; we hope you will read it, share it with your circles, and use it for discussion leading up to and beyond the elections this November.

During the Fall of 2015, 8th Day’s Women in Church & Society Committee mused about how 8th Day could lift our voice during the chaotic political climate. We found ourselves frustrated–not only by the hostile, polarizing rhetoric on issues but also because many issues important to 8th Day are not even being discussed. We asked ourselves, “If 8th Day were running for President, what would our platform look like?” During this conversation, the seed of 8th Day’s Feminist Platform began to sprout.

Drawing inspiration from Nordic countries that put together a similar document, we decided to hone in on ten issues that we see as vital to creating a more inclusive, holistic, thriving nation and global community. We called on several people throughout the country who we consider experts in their field to write their policy recommendations. Each contribution is woven together into the vibrant tapestry of our Feminist Platform.

In speaking about feminism, Angela Davis says, “Feminism has helped us to recognize a range of connections among discourses and institutions and identities and ideologies that we often tend to consider separately… Feminist methodologies impel us to explore connections that are not always apparent.” This is one reason why we chose to label our platform as feminist–because we want to provide policy recommendations and explore the interconnections among the issues.

We hope that this document will live beyond this campaign year and provide fodder for discourse on these issues–and beyond–for years to come.

As the conclusion of the platform reads, “This Feminist Platform means to be an antidote, a nourishing source that feeds hope and imagination so that we continue to struggle for what is right and just for the common good of all, including Earth itself. If we don’t enter into this struggle, who will?”

Ongoing Events

Along with the various justice events that emerge from the “signs of the times” that we plan with partner coalitions, 8th Day has sponsored the following events each year:

Tuesday Morning Peace Vigil. Since September 11, 2001, the 8th Day staff has gathered each Tuesday morning to call on the United States to use nonviolent means to address international conflict. The group gathers at Federal Plaza in downtown Chicago at 8 am each Tuesday.

Lunch & Learn. Monthly discussions at the 8th Day office feature speakers engaged in various issues of peace and justice. Past speakers include Bill Ayers, Kathy Kelly, Prexy Nesbitt, and Malalai Joya.

The Conscience Monologues. A play written by 8th Day staff about women’s conscience experiences in the Catholic Church.

Good Friday Walk for Justice in Chicago. A modern-day Way of the Cross that links the traditional stations with current issues of injustice in our communities, country, and world.

Revel in the Revolution. Our annual celebration of 8th Day’s work, partners, and supporters.