Get US out! of the United Nations

The World government, through the United Nations, is a serious threat to the freedom of all Americans. Imagine being held prisoner in a foreign land and tried in an international court with judges from such countries as Afghanistan, China, or Iraq.

The United Nations (financed by American taxpayers!) has long been a safe harbor for terrorists and oppressive regimes which target America as the enemy.

Even more alarming, the United Nations is beginning to aim for the God-given rights enjoyed by Americans since our great nation was founded. The right to self-defense, use your own property, or even the right to have children may all be trampled if the United Nations is allowed to have the power it seeks.

Help Get US out! of the United Nations

Join with thousands of other Americans working to Get US out! of the United Nations. Take the action steps outlined on this website to carry out a proven strategy to increase your effectiveness and influence. Every individual can make a difference in the battle to preserve freedom.

Use the educational and promotional materials available to become better educated about the United Nations as well as alert your fellow citizens to the seriousness of the threat. Educational materials from pamphlets to book sizes are available for any level of understanding. Promotional material ranges from bumper stickers and buttons to full-size billboards and attention-grabbing radio commercials.

In addition, we’ve prepared various legal templates so that you can protect your rights and handle different legal matters on your own. The templates are divided into sections depending on the types and entities they are provided by.

Social Security Administration (SSA) PDF Forms

The Social Security Administration (SSA) is the agency that governs such matters as social insurance and benefits. Using the forms provided by the agency, you can apply for widow’s or widower’s benefits, report disabilities, and apply for death payments. Additionally, you can use one of the forms to permit the information disclosure to the SSA. This information may be related to any medical, education, or employment records.

Federal Motor Center Safety Administration (FMCSA) PDF Forms

The Federal Motor Center Safety Administration (FMCSA) is part of the United States Department of Transportation and governs commercial motor vehicle operations. The Administration aims to ensure safety during commercial transportation and increase the safety awareness of American commercial drivers. As a part of this, all drivers involved in commercial motor vehicle operations must complete a medical examination report form.

US Department of Labor PDF Forms

The United States Department of Labor administers employment relationships, guarantees job-related rights and benefits, and ensures the safety of working conditions for all American workers. The following forms are provided by the Department and may be used by both employers and employees. For example, an employee can use Form OWCP-957 to request a medical travel refund.

California Health and Human Services Agency PDF Forms

These forms are provided by the California Health and Human Services Agency. The Agency is in charge of several initiatives to provide food, health care, and safety to persons in need. This section includes basic forms for applying for a child care center license, requesting community care licensing, and getting an emergency disaster plan for adult day programs.

Utah State PDF Forms

These forms and templates are provided by the Utah State Tax Commission and are usually used to handle matters related to a person’s vehicle. For example, the TC-569A form is used to verify the ownership of a specific vehicle, and the TC-502 form allows an individual to cancel the vehicle’s registration. You may also use Form TC-40W, the Utah Withholding Tax Schedule, to submit withholding information to employees’ income tax returns.

Missouri State PDF Forms

In this section, we’ve gathered essential legal templates for Missouri residents. Filing individual income tax returns or applying for health care coverage through MO HealthNet Division. You will find a prior authorization form, among other documents. This form is usually prepared by your healthcare provider to approve your medical treatment or prescriptions.

South Carolina PDF Forms

Residents of South Carolina will find this section helpful. We’ve gathered the essential South Carolina documents from marital paperwork to court claims. You can use a South Carolina DMV form to respond to an insurance verification request. You’ll also find an authorization to appear here, which proves that you are authorized to appear in court for a plaintiff or defendant in a small claims case. As you can see, we’ve gathered materials for various purposes. Choose yours, and you’ll get all of the essential paperwork in no time.

Other State-Specific PDF Forms

We offer forms specific not only to Missouri, South Carolina, or Utah. There are various state-specific forms that will be useful for residents of New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, and other states. These documents may be applied in different spheres, like employment, health care, family law, and taxes.

Limited Liability Company (LLC) PDF Forms

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) restricts the liability of its members, meaning they are not personally liable for the company’s debts or obligations. An LLC is not hard to create, but you will need to prepare specific documentation and meet the requirements. Using our templates, you will have no problems setting up your LLC and ensuring its efficient functioning. The following forms include everything you may need—from articles of organization to statement of termination.

PDF Forms for Motor Vehicles

The vehicle forms and templates are among the most widely-used documents. Many forms are provided by state departments of motor vehicles. However, you may find templates of other entities, including the Department of Transportation. Use these forms if you need to register your vehicle, apply for a driver’s license, or update a title certificate.

Tax PDF Forms

In this section, we’ve included the templates used for tax purposes, such as sales and use tax return, sales tax exemption, and estimated tax. Employees can fill out Form W-4S, known as Request for Federal Income Tax Withholding From Sick Pay. This document should be submitted to your insurance company if you want federal income tax to be deducted from your sick pay checks.

Other PDF Forms

This section includes other forms and templates that may be interesting for you. Some of them are general and useful for everyday tasks, like a blank four-column chart. Others are designed for specific occasions and provided by particular entities, like an application for a certificate of citizenship. Do not hesitate to use our templates to ease the burden of daily paperwork.

What’s Hot?

Declaring War Now a Security Council Function (by William Norman Grigg)

During testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee last October, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was asked whether the President would circumvent congressional authorization if the White House chose military action against Iran or Syria, noted the April 21 issue of The Nation.

Beltway Conservatives Love the UN! (by William Norman Grigg)

“Do the democracies of Europe have a problem with U.S. goals of spreading democracy around the world?” asked Heritage Foundation official Helle Dale in a May 3 Washington Times op-ed column.

NRA Warns of the Conspiracy Behind the UN’s Global Gun Ban Treaty

The NRA has established a dedicated website to “Stop the U.N. Gun Ban.” One of the main goals of this website is to warn Americans about the global gun ban conspiracy behind the UN’s upcoming “2006 Small Arms Review Conference,” June 26-July 7, 2006.

New Call for UN-administered World Disarmament (by William Norman Grigg)

THE NEW AMERICAN has frequently described the origins and significance of State Department Document 7277, entitled Freedom From War: The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World.

“Grass-roots” Global Warming Campaign and UN Mega-bucks (by William Norman Grigg)

According to Rep. Bob Inglis (R-S.C.), once an outspoken critic of those warning of a major global warming threat, “more and more Republicans [are] willing to stop laughing at climate change [and] are ready to get serious about reclaiming their heritage as conservationists.”

How You Can Help!

1. Circulate the petition

The petition serves a double purpose. The principal purpose, of course, is to demonstrate to the recipients (your US representative and senators) the growing demand to Get US out! But you can also use the petition as a door-opener for introducing the subject to others and for finding out whether or not they are interested.

As soon as petitions are completed, they should be mailed to Washington, per the instructions on the petition itself. Please feel free to make as many copies of the petition as you need.

2. Contact your US representatives and senators

Congress has the power to end US membership in the UN. But most representatives and senators will not oppose US membership in the UN unless they are pressured to do so by a sufficient number of informed Americans in their districts and states. To learn how you can add your own voice to this growing demand, see “How to Communicate With Your Congressmen,” which appears in the centerfold of Restoration of America.

3. Use the campaign tools to involve others

The button and bumper sticker are excellent conversation starters. It will cause some to ask you about the UN, giving you a splendid opportunity to hand them one of The United Nations Wants pamphlets and introduce them to the campaign.

By displaying our message, you will be helping to demonstrate the growing popular support to Get US out! The more often Americans see this message, the more receptive they will be to information explaining why so many want to Get US out! Therefore, we encourage you to place the enclosed bumper sticker on your car and use the envelope stickers to brighten your outgoing mail. These individual efforts will reinforce our overall publicity efforts, which include advertising in the print and electronic media, yard signs, billboards, etc.

We designed The United Nations Wants pamphlet series to capture busy Americans’ attention, alert them to the UN threat, and encourage them to learn more and become involved. These pamphlets are short, easy-to-read, and inexpensively priced for wide distribution.

Each pamphlet in the series focuses on a separate hot-button issue. The “Starter Kit” contains six copies each of three of these pamphlets—so you can immediately use them to involve others. One copy of each of the three other pamphlets in the series is also enclosed.

We recommend carrying copies of one or more of the pamphlets with you so they’ll be available whenever an opportunity arises to discuss the UN threat. One way of generating opportunities is to wear the lapel button. Whenever possible, ask each person who accepts a pamphlet to read it. Shortly after that, follow up for a reaction. Depending on the reaction, ask them to sign the petition, learn more, and become involved. Please encourage them to order the materials recommended on the back panel of the pamphlet. Better yet, please use the website to order extra copies of these materials and have them available for sale.

Generally speaking, each pamphlet recommends the special “United Nations” issue of THE NEW AMERICAN magazine and the “Starter Kit.” One exception: The United Nations Wants to Take Your Gun! pamphlet recommends the pocketbook Global Gun Grab by William Norman Grigg in lieu of the magazine. Each pamphlet also directs readers to our website ( for more information.

4. Read The United Nations Exposed—and encourage others to do the same

The better informed you are, the more effective and motivated you will be. Ditto for the people you are enlisting in the campaign. The most comprehensive expos available on the UN is The United Nations Exposed by William F. Jasper. Please take the time to read it. When others appear to be seriously concerned about the UN threat—concerned enough that they might be willing to read an in-depth study on the subject—ask them to buy a copy of The United Nations Exposed. Also, you can use the information in this book as a basis for letters to the editor.

5. Subscribe to The New American Magazine

Second to none in its extensive coverage of the United Nations, The New American is the source for up-to-date and accurate reporting on the UN. Every issue has at least one news item about the moves of this organization and the threat it poses to American freedoms.

6. Write a letter to the editor

Your letter should be typed, double-spaced, and no longer than what the newspaper generally accepts. If your letter is published, you will reach an audience potentially as large as the newspaper’s circulation. Not bad for a forum requiring no expense!

These groups can be large or small, governmental or private, local affiliates of a national organization, or itself. Examples include businessmen’s clubs, veterans’ groups, state legislatures, city councils, etc. The “sample resolution,” like the petition, urges Congress to support legislation to Get the US out!

7. Promote

Our campaign website is designed to inform and motivate and activate. Many good Americans who may not initially be interested in attending a meeting or reading or ordering materials might be interested in taking a cursory look at our website. That cursory look, of course, may well whet their appetite for more!

8. Work with others—join a local Get US out! Committee

By doing so, you will be able to increase your effectiveness. For example, you will be able to accomplish projects you probably could not do alone, such as erecting a large commercial billboard or hosting a speaker. You will receive encouragement from the activity of others, just as others will receive sustained motivation from your activity. You will be able to exchange ideas on what tactics are the most effective.

And most importantly, you will be able to help get more people involved since the committees exist to provide leadership for an organized plan to reach out, inform, and involve others.