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Our county government is established to serve the local needs of the people or rural areas outside incorporated cities. Counties may levy and collect taxes, conduct elections, enforce laws, purchase and control property, erect buildings necessary for the use of the county, provide for public health and welfare, provide fire protection, license businesses, and trades, establish and maintain schools and libraries and record property mortgages, deeds, and other legal documents.


  1. Health Department: Food Handler Permits, Immunizations, WIC, and more.
  2. Property Information: research properties, get your valuation notice, view the land use ordinance, and more.
  3. Sheriff’s Office: jail Information, Tip A Cop, Most Wanted, etc.
  4. County Forms: alphabetical list of forms
  5. Employment/Jobs: available employment in Utah County.
  6. Substance Abuse: substance abuse services.
  7. Business Licensing/Zoning Information: business licenses, land use ordinances, and zoning information.
  8. County Fees: review the County Fee Schedule.
  9. County Budget Information: current budget information for Utah County and Service Areas.

County Forms

Our county government provides Utah residents with essential legal documents and forms related to health care, military and veterans benefits, and employment. You will also find various forms that may be useful in your everyday life. We’ve divided all the documents into sections for your convenience. Check them out below and select a suitable one.

Department of Defense (DOD) PDF Forms

The Department of Defense (DOD) is in charge of all Armed Forces in the United States. This government agency aims to safeguard the United States and prevent conflict. The Department’s priority is to look after American citizens and service members. The following forms are designed with this priority in mind and allow military members to claim special compensation, record the emergency data, or create a packing list.

Veterans Affairs (VA) PDF Forms

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is a government agency that aims at providing benefits and services to veterans and their families. It provides education and rehabilitation services, compensation for military-related impairments or death, pensions, funerals, and health care. As a rule, the forms come with instructions so that every person can complete them by themselves.

Homeowners Association (HOA) PDF Forms

A homeowner association (HOA) establishes neighborhood and apartment buildings regulations. This organization ensures that the building is well-maintained and decides whether it needs to be renovated or improved. The HOA is a noncommercial organization and functions due to the members’ monthly fees. The following forms will allow you to assess how much it will cost to insure the property or to designate a proxy to act on your behalf regarding your HOA membership matters.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) PDF Forms

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is a set of regulations related to using and disclosing medical records. These regulations define the national standards of protecting sensitive patient health information from being revealed to third parties without the patient’s consent. The forms below can be obligatory to fill out if you need to obtain someone’s medical information or release yours.

Medical PDF Forms

In this section, you can find more medical forms provided by health care centers or hospitals. With this form, you will be able to appoint a health care proxy to act on your behalf, complete an annual physical examination form, or apply for health insurance. We’ve gathered both general forms, like a hospital intake sheet that collects patients’ medical data and history, and specific documents, like the CenturyLink health form helping to obtain health care coverage.

Sports PDF Forms

Fitness coaches and managers of sports leagues frequently use various forms to assess the players’ performance or keep track of the game’s progress. A lineup sheet is a crucial sporting form that assists a coach in arranging the players who will engage in the game more efficiently. Below, you will find such essential sports forms as scorecards and score sheets, play diagrams, and charts.

Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) PDF Forms

Departments of Motor Vehicles (DMV) regulate all affairs pertaining to various types of vehicles. Vehicle registration, driver’s licenses, and title certificate applications are a few examples of these matters. Each state sets its own rules and paperwork. We’ve compiled a list of forms that you may use to establish car ownership, apply for a title, or inspect your vehicle.

PDF Employee Forms

Employee forms are necessary to establish a successful business relationship between employers and employees. We’ve collected the documents that will help you keep track of employees’ training records and provide them with a warning notice if they break the rules. Employers may also benefit from an employee physical form to provide their new hires with a physical examination.

PDF Applications

A person submits an application form if they want to be considered for a specific job position or receive authorization to do something. Here, you will find various applications for jobs at such popular companies as Starbucks, Charlotte Russe, and Kmart. You may also use these forms to apply for guardianship subsidy, passport, or rental unit.

PDF Request Forms

Requests are used to formally ask an individual or entity for certain information or services. You can, for example, use a funding request form if you are looking for financial aid from a charitable institution or any other relevant organization. Also, it’s possible to prepare donation request forms to contribute any amount and choose which charity to donate to.

PDF Notices

A notice is used to notify or warn someone about something. Notices are widely used among landlords and tenants to notify the other party about late rent, lease agreement’s breach, or tenancy termination. Employers can use a separation letter to terminate the employment of a specific hire, outlining the reasons for the termination and the following actions. Drivers also receive notices as a reminder to renew their vehicle registration.

PDF Claims

If you want to acquire any type of insurance, you’ll need to fill out a claim form. We’ve gathered claim forms from various corporations and organizations, such as Horizon, Gerber, and Guardian. You are free to use them to obtain the health or life insurance you want. You will also need to prepare a claim to initiate a class-action lawsuit.

PDF Worksheets

Worksheets help individuals list the tasks they should undertake to accomplish a particular project. A worksheet can be helpful when someone has to prepare an individual fact sheet (use a genealogy worksheet) or calculate your taxes (use a qualified dividends tax worksheet). In addition, we have tax worksheet instructions to help you easily make your tax calculations.

PDF Checklists

Checklists are required to guarantee that your plans are carried out smoothly. They can be helpful in a variety of settings, including a new job, vehicle services, or purchases. One of the essential checklists is a document checklist. You are recommended to use it every time you have to deal with paperwork. Other checklist forms are available below.

Georgia State PDF Forms

The following templates can be used by Georgia residents in their career or personal lives. These forms cover essential matters, from a lottery application to a wage report. You can use a name reservation form to register your entity or a vaccine exemption form to prove that you cannot get vaccinated for medical reasons. If you want to adopt a child in Georgia, you will need to use a petition for adoption.

Other State-Specific PDF Forms

Different states have their regulations and standards. It’s vital to check your state laws while creating any legal document. Here you’ll find customizable employment forms, deeds, forms for vehicles, guardianships, and insurance applications. The documents include all the details pertaining to its type and in accordance with specific state requirements.

Other PDF forms

This section contains a variety of other PDF documents that may come in handy in your professional or everyday life. For example, you can use a birth certificate to provide official evidence of your child’s birth or a family genogram to record and represent a family’s genetic history. Here, you will also find forms related to landlord-tenant relationships, like a lease agreement or a late rent letter. These documents are highly customizable and can help you fulfill any of your needs.

History of Utah County

First Settlers

Although home to Native Americans for many centuries, the first white men to set foot in what is now known as Utah County were most likely Father Escalante and Father Dominquez and their party of explorers on September 23, 1776.

From approximately 1825 to 1847, various trappers and mountain men spent time in the valley, but the first permanent settlers were Mormon pioneers sent south from the Salt Lake Valley by their leader, Brigham Young, in 1849.

Provo was the first settlement, getting its name from the Provo River, which took its name from the mountain man, Etienne Provost. Many of the other communities were officially founded the following year,1850, including Alpine, American Fork, Lehi, Pleasant Grove, Payson, and Springville.

Early civic leadership was provided by Mormon church leaders for the area until the General Assembly of the State of Deseret – as the territory was known at the time – decreed on January 28, 1850, that “Utah Valley shall be called Utah County,” and established Provo as the county seat. That same date, an eight rods wide road was set aside, running from Ogden on the north, past the “Temple Block” in Salt Lake City, and culminating in Provo. It was called State Road. It became a major thoroughfare for commerce and migration of early settlers from the Salt Lake City gathering point to outlying areas, especially Utah County. Much of the old road exists today as State Street, which runs through several communities.

Early Government

For the next two years, either local government, record keeping, or both were in disarray because there is little record of office holders or government actions. On February 7, 1852, that changed when the territorial legislature appointed a Mr. Preston Thomas as probate judge. On April 19, 1852, “selectmen” (a clerk, recorder, assessor, treasurer, sheriff, and prosecuting attorney) were chosen. At the same time, nine road districts and 15 school districts were formed within the County, and the first county tax was levied.

From 1857 to 1858, a large contingent of federal troops moved into the Salt Lake City area. It was a move detested by the predominantly Mormon population, and some 30,000 locals streamed south to Utah County to get away from the influence of the troops. Alas, troops also moved into Utah County and founded Camp Floyd in the area now known as Cedar Fort. There was some unpleasantness between the troops and residents, but the last of the troops finally left in 1861.


When the transcontinental railroad was completed in 1869, it only took four more years until a line was extended to Provo and then south and east to give rail connections throughout the Intermountain West.

Irrigation has always been the key to prospering on the fertile farmland in the valley, and the first irrigation districts were formed as early as 1865. In 1905, the Strawberry Valley Water Users Association incorporated $2 million in stock. The association later contracted with the U.S. Reclamation Service to construct a reservoir in Wasatch County. A 3-mile-long tunnel through the Wasatch Mountains was started in 1906 and finished in 1913 to bring water from the 175-square-mile reservoir completed in 1915. Most of the water from the project went to irrigate Utah County farms.

Another vital water project was Deer Creek Dam and Reservoir. Construction of the 155-foot-high dam was started in 1938. The resulting 7-mile-long reservoir today provides irrigation, culinary water, and water-related recreation.


The City of Orem was named after W.C. Orem, builder of the railroad which ran through the town. Payson was named after an early settler, James Pace. The community was previously known as Fort Peteetneet after a Ute Indian chief. Of course, the County and the State are named after the Ute (or Utah) Indians.

Springville was once known as Hobble Creek because a member of a Mormon exploring party lost his horse’s hobbles in or near the creek. Pleasant Grove, named after a cottonwood grove near the original townsite, was once known as Battle Creek since it was the site of the first conflict between Indians and settlers. Elberta was named for its Elberta peach orchards, and Salem was named after New Salem, Massachusetts, but was first called Pond Town after the large pond that today is known as Salem Pond.

The first library in Provo was opened in 1854, and there has been an official U.S. Post Office in the city since at least 1894. Provo General Hospital opened in 1903 and gave way to Utah Valley Hospital in 1939. The Utah State (Mental) Hospital dates back to 1880 but was formerly known by less politically correct names. Electric service first came to the valley in 1890.

The Provo area is known worldwide as the home of Brigham Young University. Brigham Young issued a deed of trust to establish Brigham Young Academy on October 16, 1875. The fledgling institution went through some rough years and nearly folded on occasion before officially becoming Brigham Young University on October 23, 1903. From humble beginnings with sometimes only a handful of students, it is now a major university with 30,000 students.

1900 to the Present Day

The County population grew slowly and steadily through the years of World War I, the Great Depression, and World War II. The official census counted 23,768 citizens in 1890, and that number grew to only 49,021 in 1940. Today, the county has 516,564* residents.

For many years, Geneva Steel was one of the few major employers outside of agriculture, government, and schools. Geneva was built during World War II to provide steel for the war effort. But starting in the 1980s and throughout the 1990s, the valley became one of the entrepreneurial hot spots of the nation and, in particular, has become a Mecca for high-tech, computer-related companies.

Now, Utah County boasts a young, healthy, well-educated population, low crime rate, and a stable economy.

Utah County Justice Court

Utah County Justice Court has the authority to deal with Class B and C misdemeanors, violations of ordinances, small claims, and infractions committed within the County Jurisdiction.

The Justice Court shares jurisdiction with the Juvenile Court over minors 16 or 17 years old charged with certain traffic offenses.

County attorneys prosecute cases involving violations of County ordinances and state law in the county courts.

Utah County Attorney

The County Attorney provides legal representation to the Utah County Government. Duties of the County Attorney include:

  1. Prosecution of felony-level crimes that occur in Utah County.
  2. Prosecution of misdemeanor crimes that occur in Utah County but outside the boundaries of any incorporated city.
  3. Prosecution of all juvenile crimes in Utah County, except minor traffic offenses.
  4. Victim assistance services in cases prosecuted by the County Attorney’s office.
  5. Advise and assist all Utah County police agencies in their criminal investigations.
  6. Conduct some criminal investigations.
  7. Provide legal advice and representation to Utah County Government officials and departments.
  8. Handle all claims filed against the Utah County Government.

Utah County Sheriff’s Office

The Utah County Sheriff’s Office provides law enforcement services to the unincorporated areas of Utah County and contracts cities and cooperative support services to local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies and organizations.

Other County Departments

Agriculture Inspection

The Agriculture Inspection Agency is a Utah state consumer protection agency that works in cooperation with Utah County to benefit Utah County citizens who use agricultural and food-related products.

Animal Control

The Utah County Animal Control is located in South Provo and serves the surrounding areas of Utah County.


The Utah County Bookmobile provides popular current reading material to the residents of Utah County and thereby encourages the enjoyment of reading among all ages. The Bookmobile visits Birdseye, Santaquin, Lakeview, Springdell, Goshen, Genola, Spring Lake, Salem, Elk Ridge, Alpine, Cedar Fort, Cedar Pass, White Hills, Fairfield, Palmyra, Leland, and stops along the highways and in Spanish Fork Canyon. The fixed facility serves as the community library for Mapleton.

Children’s Justice Center

The Children’s Justice Center is a homelike facility that serves children and families experiencing the crisis and chaos that comes with the disclosure of significant physical or sexual abuse of a child.

Community Development

The Community Development Department provides the following services: Applications to the Utah County Planning Commission for General Plan amendments, zone text amendments, Zone Map changes, land subdivisions, conditional uses, and waiver of subdivision requirement/record of survey maps.; Applications to the Utah County Board of Adjustment for variances, special exceptions, alleged errors; Applications for business licensing; Unincorporated property addresses; Applications for building permits and building inspection services; and, Enforcement of zoning ordinance regulations and construction code requirements.

Fire Marshal

The Utah County Fire Marshal’s responsibilities are to enforce currently adopted fire codes and Utah County fire prevention ordinances; to provide technical assistance for any emergencies throughout Utah County. Fire inspection of all business facilities within unincorporated Utah County for compliance to these adopted fire codes yearly.

The Fire Marshal is also the primary arson investigator for fires within unincorporated Utah County and assists other cities within Utah County on fire investigations. Reviews and approves all building plans, sprinkler plans, propane plans, and burn permits for compliance with adopted codes.

Foster Grandparents / Senior Companions

Volunteer Senior Citizens work under the supervision of trained professional staff to provide assistance, support, love, and companionship to elderly adults to enable them to live independently and to children or teens with exceptional needs in daycare/preschool settings, public schools, BOCES centers, development centers, and residential treatment centers.

Housing Authority of Utah County

The Housing Authority of Utah County provides housing assistance to persons who meet program income guidelines. Income limits vary by program. The Housing Authority also provides affordable, safe, and sanitary housing in the community. The Department of Housing and Urban Development furnishes significant funding. The Housing Authority is a political subdivision of the State of Utah.

Health Department

The Utah County Health Department seeks to prevent avoidable disease and injury and promote health by monitoring the community’s health and assuring conditions in which people can be healthy.

Information Systems

The Information Systems department provides technical support to all Utah County government agencies. This support includes acquiring, deploying, and managing computer-based workstations, software applications, local and wide-area network infrastructure, security, and information use policy.

Justice Court

The Utah County Justice Court was established by Utah County. It has the authority to deal with class B and C misdemeanors, violations of ordinances, small claims, and infractions committed within County jurisdiction.


The Personnel Office provides complete Human Resource services, including payroll for approximately 1,000 Utah County employees.

Public Works

The Utah County Public Works Department is a multi-service Department within the County government operating in the areas of Administration, Buildings, Engineering, Mapping, Motor Pool, Parks, Roads, Special Projects, Surveying, and Telecommunications.

USU Extension Service/4-H

USU Cooperative Extension is your link to Utah State University. Cooperative Extension delivers research-based education and information to Utahns. These educational programs are delivered via various methods and are offered through a federal, state, and county partnership arrangement. USU Cooperative Extension has offices located in nearly every Utah county to provide unbiased research-based educational programs to enhance the quality of life of Utahns.