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The Greater San Diego Business Association (GSDBA) promotes LGBT influence through business ownership, workforce equality, and active consumerism, creating prosperity to support equality, diversity, and inclusion. The Association also takes care of all age and social groups by providing lawyer-approved legal PDF forms and templates.


AARP, known earlier as the American Association of Retired Persons, is a non-profit organization that helps senior people make their life easier and more pleasant with age. Today’s world is changing fast, and the older you get, the more difficult it is for you to adapt to these changes. AARP’s mission is to navigate senior people through modern realities and help them enjoy themselves. You can use the following AARP forms to choose a convenient insurance plan or get financial protection.

Army PDF Forms

The US Department of the Army is in charge of organizing and training US military forces and providing them with all the relevant information, training, and benefits. Suppose you want to track the progress of your unit. You will need to fill out an army leader’s book form to request the unit’s history, training, and performance history. The forms below will assist you in correctly gathering and filling out all of the required papers.

Air Force PDF Forms

The United States takes care of its military forces, and the United States Air Force (USAF) is no exception. The forms below are designed to fulfill their needs and receive their deserved benefits effectively. However, these forms must be completed correctly considering all the essential information and rules. For example, AF Form 4380 allows airmen to receive benefits for their family members with special needs. But this document must be submitted in a timely manner to conduct a thorough examination of the issues.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) PDF Forms

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) is an electronic system allowing individuals to work with such transactions as payroll, direct deposit, tax refunds, consumer bills, tax payments, and others. If you need to take debit payments, you’ll need to fill out the ACH debit authorization agreement. It will ensure If you want to accept credit card payments online, you will have to complete another document, known as the ACH vendor payment form.

Bank of America PDF Forms

The Bank of America is one of the biggest American banks and one of the world’s largest financial organizations. It offers a comprehensive range of banking services and provides several official forms for individuals to manage their finances. You can request a change to automated payment, deposit, or IRA beneficiary using our forms. You may also use a transfer form to transfer your funds to another account using the Bank of America website.

California Board of Equalization (BOE) PDF Forms

California State Board of Equalization (BOE) governs assessment processes, manages tax, and administers programs to support state and municipal government in property tax, alcoholic beverage tax, and tax on insurers. Below, you will find both templates to complete, for example, a seller’s permit application, and instructions to particular forms, like BOE Form 100 B.

Amerigroup PDF Forms

Amerigroup is the US’s biggest supplier of health care for public programs. This organization helps older people, individuals with disabilities, and low-income families. It helps get both short and long-term health insurance. You are free to use the following forms to request the Amerigroup services, including medical coverage, drug prescriptions, or children’s services.

Apartment Owners Association (AOA) PDF Forms

Apartment Owners Association (AOA) is a non-profit organization usually responsible for maintaining apartment amenities and enforcing rules. It also organizes activities for the benefit of the residents. Such an association is state-specific and should be registered under specific state laws. However, it’s not obligatory to register it. Check the AOA forms below to understand the association activity better.

Alabama State PDF Forms

Alabama residents can find this section quite useful. Here, we’ve gathered the essential Alabama legal documents—from Medicaid referral to child support income form. You may use an MVT 5 63 form to request a copy of a birth certificate or complete a child support sheet to calculate the child support amount. Do not hesitate to choose your template and adapt it to your needs.

Arizona State PDF Forms

If you live in Arizona, the following documents may be of assistance in your professional or private life. A paternity form will help you establish the father of a child, and a new hire reporting form will assist in collecting employees’ information for tax withholdings. As you can see, the forms we’ve collected are different and may come in handy in all life circumstances.

Other State-Specific PDF Forms

Every state has its own requirements and regulations. That’s why it’s essential to always consult the state laws when preparing this or that legal form. This especially applies to such documents as marital agreements, divorce papers, and separation contracts. You will also find state release, tax return, and credit application forms here.

PDF Affidavit Forms

An affidavit is an essential legal instrument proving that a person’s statement is true and correct. Affidavits are often used in court as evidence. However, it’s not the only way to apply the document. It’s possible to use an affidavit to give parental consent for minors to marry or express the intent to homeschool the child. Since it’s a written statement confirmed by oath,

PDF Application Forms

When you want to be considered for a particular job position or get permission to perform something, you must submit an application. We’ve compiled a list of job applications that might help you land a job at Bojangles, Arkids, or Bounceu. If you wish to apply for university enrollment, boy scout unit, or business credit, you may use these forms as well.

PDF Authorization Forms

An authorization gives a person or entity the authority to act in a certain way. If you have a background check authorization form, you are allowed to proceed with the background check of your potential employee or tenant. If you receive a medicare authorization form, you will be able to access another person’s medical records. As you can see, these forms can grant authority to third parties regarding sensitive matters, so they should not be underestimated but prepared accurately.

PDF Reports

Reports are used to demonstrate the result of something—from accidents to inspections. These documents allow an individual to gather and analyze all the relevant information. Suppose you are planning to buy a new home. In this case, you will likely need to perform the property inspection. For this purpose, you are encouraged to use a four-step inspection report to examine the property in-depth and not forget any component.

PDF Permits

Permits are legal documents proving that a person or entity can do something. A typical example is obtaining a permit to build or demolish a building. Another widely-used form is a firearm permit. The majority of states require individuals to have this document to possess and carry a handgun. Other forms include teaching, temporary plates, and authorized agent permits.

PDF Claims

You will need to submit a claim form if you plan to receive health or life insurance. You can also take advantage of the following forms if you need to get a reimbursement or prove your bankruptcy. We’ve collected both general claim forms and forms provided by specific companies and organizations. Check them out, and you may find something useful for you.

PDF Checklists

To ensure that your plans are fulfilled smoothly, you are recommended to use checklists. They can come in handy almost in all situations, including shopping, homebuying, and BDSM practices. The forms below are customizable and may help you manage your planning effectively—from vehicle repairs or bill payments.

PDF Worksheets

We’ve separately gathered worksheet templates to list the tasks you need to do or track your progress regarding a specific matter. These documents can be beneficial when an individual needs to plan something, like the birth of a child, or analyze particular information, like the credit limit factors. You will also find a property loss checklist. It’s a convenient and quick way to track and claim the damage to your property, if any.

PDF Requests

Request forms are designed to ask for specific information, services, or help formally. For example, you can request records from the federal government by using a history records request form. Employers can use it to get essential information about their potential employees. Check other request forms below and customize your documents within minutes.

Tax PDF Forms

Both individuals and companies must file taxes. You are required to file an income tax every year. Each type of worker must submit their particular IRS form; for example, employees must complete Form W-2 while self-employed individuals must submit Form 1099. You may also need to file a real property tax credit claim or the tax on extra income, such as unemployment compensation or awards.

Automobile PDF Forms

Most auto forms are prepared and maintained by state Departments of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Here, we’ve prepared the forms that are less popular but still essential for car drivers. The following documents will be helpful if you need to prove your creditworthiness to apply for car credit or if your vehicle requires specific repairs.

Business PDF Forms

Business forms are crucial documents designed for various business transactions and operations. If you plan to start a business, you can take advantage of a business registration form and certificate. A business model canvas template will also come in handy at the beginning of your business journey. If you already have a working business, you are encouraged to use an income worksheet form to calculate and report your net business income or an hours template to organize the hours of operation.

Sports PDF Forms

Sports forms are widely used among fitness coaches and managers of sports leagues or camps. They use them to evaluate the players’ performance or track the progress of the game. One of the crucial sports forms is a lineup sheet. It helps a coach or manager order the players who will participate in the game most efficiently. As a rule, the sheet includes such players’ information as name, position, and batting average.

Biopsychosocial Assessment PDF Forms

Biopsychosocial Assessment can play an essential role in healing problems that may cause discomfort to a person’s life. It is a test at the start of therapy, which helps determine biological, psychological, and social aspects influencing the person. Knowing that will assist in selecting the best approach to the person’s treatment and contribute to their fastest recovery.

Babysitting PDF Forms

Choosing a babysitter for children is an important decision that should not be rushed. Parents are recommended to weigh the pros and cons of every potential candidate and prepare a comprehensive contract. You are free to use the following forms as templates for your babysitting agreement, consent form, and an emergency contact form.

Other PDF Forms

We have a bunch of other PDF forms that may come in handy both in your everyday life (like a personality test, family tree form, or workout sheet) and for special occasions (like verification of employment form, building security plan, or Mantoux form). You will find various addendums, notices, and questionnaires here. Do not hesitate to look through the documents and choose a suitable one.

Business Networking

GSDBA BNGs (Business Networking Groups) offer a forum where GSDBA members can regularly increase their business through networking and sharing direct leads with other members. They offer a supportive environment that allows each member to share products or services with others who want to help them succeed. Conflicts of interest are not allowed, meaning that a business in the same category as yours can not join once you join. Each BNG follows BNG Rules that help maintain a cohesive program. We invite you to read them before attending.

Want to Join a Business Networking Group? Give us your information by clicking below, and we will contact you within 48 business hours. Please note, GSDBA Membership is required to become part of a BNG.

Notice to BNG Members:

Effective January 1st, 2018, GSDBA’s Business Networking Groups will be modified from a trimester to a quarter system. Quarters will be as follows: Jan-March; April-June; July-Sept.; Oct-Dec. Click HERE for the 2018 schedule. BNG Dues are $100 per year. (A $20 savings from 2017). Dues may be paid all at once or in 4 equal installments.

New Monday Group Forming in Mission Valley!

A new GSDBA BNG is beginning to form. They are currently seeking members in several categories. The meeting begins at 6 p.m. and meets every other Monday beginning 1/8. If you are interested in finding out more, please email Nick Pavao of Prudential Advisors or click the red button above.


Tuesday Morning (Uptown/Hillcrest)

Panera Bread

8:30 am to 9:30 am

3900 Vermont Street, San Diego, CA 92103


Contact the Facilitator


Tuesday Lunch (Uptown/Hillcrest)

Aladdin Restaurant

12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

1220 Cleveland Ave #101, San Diego, CA 92103


Contact Facilitator

Wednesday Morning (Mission Valley)

Mimi’s Cafe

8:15 am to 9:15 am

5180 Mission Center Road, San Diego, CA 92108


Contact Facilitator

Wednesday Lunch (Downtown)

NEW LOCATION! Effective January 24th

12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

701 B Street, 3rd Fl Conf. Room East

Take the elevator to the 3rd floor – the room is directly south of the elevators.


Contact the Facilitator

This Group is seeking the following:

Website Design


P / C insurance


Social Media / Graphic Design


Attorney (Drugs / Death / Divorce)


Event Planner

Thursday Morning (University Heights)

Lestat’s on Park

8:00 am to 9:00 am

4496 Park Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92116


Thursday Lunch (Hillcrest)

Ristorante Arrivederci

12 noon – 1 p.m.

3845 4th Ave, San Diego CA 92103

Free Validated Parking for BNG Members.


Friday Morning (Hillcrest)

GSDBA Office, Conference Room

9 a.m. – 10 a.m.

3737 5th Avenue, Suite 201, San Diego, CA 92103

(Above California Bank & Trust)

Note to Prospective Members:

If you are interested in visiting a BNG, please contact the GSDBA office (619-296-4543) at least 24-hours in advance to arrange your visit. Sorry, we do not allow non-GSDBA members to present information to the group unless first approved by the Facilitator. All current BNG members must notify the Facilitator if they want to bring a guest to their BNG. Guests and prospective BNG members may visit each BNG one time prior to joining and must become a GSDBA Member to attend after that.


  1. Every BNG member must also be a general or associate member in good standing within the GSDBA. A member in good standing is defined as a) membership dues paid, b) business networking group dues paid, and c) maintaining accurate and current contact information with the organization.
  2. Arrive for meetings on time. Arriving more than (15) minutes late is considered an absence.
  3. A GSDBA member may participate in only one BNG and represent only one specific business category.
  4. A BNG Facilitator may lead a BNG so long as the Facilitator has the support of the majority of the group. It is recommended that each BNG has a vote of confidence at the end of each quarter. If multiple group members are interested in assuming the role of Facilitator, then the group shall conduct a vote by secret ballot. The member who receives the highest number of votes will assume the role of Facilitator. In 5) Each BNG member is required to pass a total of (5) tips per quarter, bring (5) guests per quarter or a combination of the two.
  5. A BNG member cannot be absent for more than (3) meetings per quarter.
  6. A leave of absence (LOA) may be granted to a member of a BNG once within each calendar year. This will hold their seat for one quarter. If the member does not return as an active member of their BNG the quarter immediately following their LOA, the group may decide to replace that member with an alternative industry professional.
  7. All printed materials and/or social media content must have prior approval by the GSDBA CEO and/or Board of Directors. The GSDBA must be acknowledged in promoting all BNG events outside of regular meetings.
  8. BNG members must exhibit professional language/demeanor during BNG meetings and when conducting business.
  9. All other unique situations will be brought to the GSDBA Board of Directors for discussion and resolution.

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