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The MilitariaWebring.com website provides links to hundreds of military dealers worldwide specializing in all countries’ military-related collectible items and memorabilia. We also have hundreds of legal forms for you to handle essential matters related to military benefits, health services, income taxes, and immigration. All the documents are divided into sections for your convenience. Check them out below. Thanks for visiting!

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Department of Defense (DOD) PDF Forms

The Department of Defense (DOD) is the agency that administers all the United States military forces. The agency’s mission is to protect the US nation and deter war. The Department provides the directives and instructions related to general services administration (GSA), national guard, and veteran affairs. Its core priority is to take care of the American people. The forms below align with this priority and allow service members to obtain the medical examination, get a qualification certificate, or prove legal residence.

Department of the Army (DA) PDF Forms

The Department of the Army (DA) is a government agency within the US Department of Defense. The DA handles the organization and training of the US military forces and provides them with all the military benefits, including retirement and health care. One of the essential things is collecting and filling out all the necessary documentation successfully. The forms below will help you obtain the military benefits you deserve.

Coast Guard (CG) PDF Forms

The Coast Guard is the branch of the US Military Forces responsible for maritime security. The Coast Guard conducts patrols, rescue missions, protects critical maritime infrastructure, examines foreign vessels, and escorts high-capacity passenger vessels. If you are a CG service member, you may take advantage of the following forms. They will help you apply for assignment to military housing or request temporary duty (TDY) travel.


US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) PDF Forms

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is a government agency that secures the homeland and protects the country’s integrity from unlawful immigration. The agency handles such matters as immigrant visas, citizenship applications, and refugee applications. You are free to use the following forms to get a residence permit or citizenship or if you plan to marry your foreign fiancé.

Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) PDF Forms

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) supports the housing market and homeownership. It also provides various forms regarding housing and community development. For example, If you’re planning to implement a construction project, you will need to prepare the HUD-92541 form, known as the Builder’s Certification, to ensure that your newly constructed property is not affected by any hazards, noise, or other things that may affect the site.

Department of Revenue (DOR) PDF Forms

The Department of Revenue (DR) is a tax agency that manages about 60 categories of taxes. The agency is state-specific, which means that each state has its own department and provides its own forms and documents. You can use the following documentation to apply for tax exemptions or request previously filed tax returns.

Department of State (DOS) PDF Forms

The Department of State (DOS) administers the United States’ foreign policy. It manages foreign diplomatic missions and aims at establishing prosperous international relations. The Department provides different manuals and forms concerning foreign affairs, diplomatic security, and international cooperation. You can use these forms to become a security guard or apply for the authority of a specific foreign corporation.

Diplomatic Security (DS) PDF Forms

The Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS) is responsible for ensuring the safety of US diplomatic missions. The Bureau is a division of the United States Department of State. To prevent terrorism against US personnel overseas, the DS division cooperates with other federal agencies, foreign law enforcement agencies, and the business sector. The Bureau also provides different forms that may be needed to select the agent for immigrant visa applications or request for authentications service.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) PDF Forms

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) governs US civil aviation, providing aircraft certification and safety, ensuring an airmen qualification, and developing aviation forecasts. The forms below will come in handy if you want to register the aircraft, apply for an airworthiness certificate, or request a promotion.

Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) PDF Forms

Departments of Motor Vehicles are state-specific departments that manage all the matters related to different types of vehicles. These matters include vehicle registration, applying for a driver’s license, or replacing a title certificate. As a rule, each state sets its requirements and provides its documentation. We’ve gathered some forms that may be helpful for you to prove the vehicle’s ownership, apply for a title, or get information about driver’s license applications.

Driver License (DL) PDF Forms

These forms are specifically designed for individuals who want to get or change their driver’s license. If you want to obtain the license, you will have to undergo a medical examination, submit a driver education affidavit, and receive a driver’s license liability insurance certification. If you need to change your license from junior to regular, you will also have to collect the necessary documents to replace it. The forms below can help you in both cases.

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) PDF Forms

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services belong to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and administer a health care system through Medicare, Medicaid, and health insurance programs. The CMS’s priority is high-quality health care at available costs. The forms provided by the CMS allow individuals to submit a long-term care facility application for medicare and Medicaid or obtain a certificate of medical necessity.

US Postal Service (PS) PDF Forms

The United States Postal Service is the postal agency for US citizens to deliver their letters and parcels everywhere within the country. You may need PS forms to prepare a domestic certified mail receipt or assignment order. A certified mail receipt provides the sender with proof that the recipient has got the delivery. That is why it’s a crucial document to have when sending, for example, court papers. Check other PS forms below.

Family Law PDF Forms

Family law forms play an essential role in everyday life. They are used for marriage, divorce, emancipation, and child custody. However, we have focused on less widely-used forms and found for you various forms related to family practice superbill, family chore chart, and financial affidavit.

Florida State PDF Forms

This section will be helpful to Florida residents. We’ve collected the primary Florida documents from marital forms to various notices. If you plan to marry shortly, you may use a Florida marriage application. You will also find an emancipation form here, allowing a minor to remove the disability of nonage. As you can see, we’ve gathered the documents for many different occasions. Pick yours and get the necessary papers in no time.

Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHS) PDF Forms

This section is devoted to the forms provided by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission. The Commission is responsible for various programs aimed at helping people in need with food, health care, and safety. It also provides families with basic forms to apply for benefits, report accidents, or manage their end-of-life care. Look through the following forms to find a suitable one.

New York State Department of Taxation and Finance PDF Forms

Individuals and businesses have to file their taxes. For example, you may need to outline and pay the estimated tax—the tax on additional income, like unemployment compensation or award money, must also be filed. The forms below are designed for NY state residents and provided by the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance. You may use them to submit a claim for real property tax credit or resident income tax return.

Other State-Specific Forms

If you cannot find the necessary documents above, you are recommended to check this section. Here, we’ve listed the most widely-used state-specific forms, including employment (new hire and tax forms), real estate (deeds and real estate contracts), and vehicle (permits to operate and surety bonds) documents.

PDF Application Forms

In this section, you will find various application forms. Applications are needed when you want to be considered for a specific position or be allowed to do something. We’ve collected several employment applications that may help get a position at such entities as Fednet, Firehouse Subs, Tierra Mia, or Forever 21. You can also take advantage of these forms if you want to apply for admission at the university or business credit.

PDF Order Forms

Order forms can be used by a buyer to issue an order of specific goods or items to a seller. These documents serve as binding contracts and should describe in detail the services or goods the buyer wants to receive. Order forms are valuable tools for online businesses and e-commerce.

PDF Request Forms

Request forms are used when you want to get something done with the help of another organization or entity. It may involve receiving specific services, like interpreter or transcript requests, or getting assistance with a particular matter, such as hardship or address change requests. You will also find a generic request form to create your unique document.

PDF Claims

Claims can sometimes be confused with request forms. However, they have their specific forms to be completed. Often, you need to fill out a claim form when you want to receive specific benefits, including health coverage, life insurance, and death benefits. The following forms may also be helpful if you plan to receive treatment out-of-network, that is, from a physician who does not participate in your insurer’s provider network.

PDF Inspection Forms

Inspection forms may come in handy in many different situations and spheres. The most widely-used inspection forms are related to vehicles. For example, a person who wants to sell their used vehicle must inspect it first to ensure that the vehicle is in appropriate condition. Moreover, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations require all commercial drivers to pass the inspection and complete the report.

PDF Checklists

Checklists are valuable when ensuring that everything is arranged and taken care of. We create checklists every day—when planning our groceries or creating to-do lists. However, it’s also reasonable to use checklist forms at a more elevated level. For example, a final walk-through checklist will help you inspect the property you want to buy on all points. Thus, you will not overlook the essential details and make a well-considered decision.

Fannie Mae PDF Forms

Fannie Mae, known as the Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA), is the largest US mortgage agency. The agency is government-sponsored and provides financing by buying mortgage loans from banks. Use the following forms to authorize maintenance and repair work, prepare a hardship affidavit, or complete a rental income worksheet.

Express Scripts PDF Forms

Express Scripts provides pharmacy benefit management, delivery services, medical data analysis, and drug prescriptions. Express Scripts is considered one of the largest US pharmacies offering high-quality prescription management and reliable delivery. Here, you will find Express Scripts authorization forms, like sedative-hypnotic step therapy, orders forms, and prescription of drugs forms.

Fedex PDF Forms

If you plan to use FedEx services, these forms may be relevant for you. FedEx is a US company providing postal, courier, and other logistics services worldwide. You may fill out a FedEx bill of lading to describe the details of the goods you are delivering or a FedEx release form to allow the FedEx representative to release your packages even when no one is home to receive the delivery.

Other PDF Forms

Other essential documents that may come in handy are listed below. They include various medical forms (child medical consent and boy scout health record forms), invoices (landscaping and examination invoices), worksheets (child support and fee worksheets), and other forms that may be relevant in your everyday life (calorie count form and workout calendar).

Webring List

Title Description Category Country Date
Fairmans Toys & Militaria We sell vintage toys and military collectibles, mostly WWII and WWI. We sell military books and manuals. Toy soldiers, toy trains, toy cannons, etc. Webb equipment, German helmets, bayonets, knives, Military accouterments, military prints, canteens, military memorabilia. Worldwide Militaria Canada 2017-01-04


Reproduction of German Militaria Reproduction of German WWI,WWII militaria Germany Reproductions Western Europe 2016-11-17


AllBadges.net – badges, pins and other insignia Information site for insignia collectors from all over the world. A searchable database of badges, pins, patches, and other insignia of all kinds. Create and manage your collection, contact other collectors, trade, and sell—unique search engine to identify unknown items. Worldwide Militaria Mediterranean 2016-10-21


Wounded Warrior Project Decal Sticker Tulsa Shadow Box Military gear offers a Wounded Warrior Project Decal Sticker that is available in a wide range of good quality. They Can Be Very Original, Cleaning Wall Decals Is Very Simple, They Are Very Easy To Install, And Vinyl Wall Graphics Can Be Reused. They are made In the USA. Purchase From Our store. Personality Items USA 2016-09-30


Buy Now Custom Embroidered Military Caps Shadow Box military Gear offers custom embroidered military caps or hats. Military gear is widely used by civilians worldwide; especially campers, bikers, etc. military gear is also for all those who want to look fashionable. US after 1900 USA 2016-09-07


Stephen Koschal Autographs Autographs in all fields of collecting, World Wars, Aviation, History, Military. Autographs & Documents USA 2016-09-01


Pembroke Fine Arms Always an interesting selection of firearms and accessories for both the shooter and the collector from the 18th Century to WW2. Specialists in Japanese rifles, USA Civil War firearms, and unusual breech-loading weapons. We sell Colt, Remington, Arisaka, Enfield, Maynard, Mauser, Tranter, and much more. Worldwide Militaria UK & Ireland 2016-08-21


The Ribbon Rack Military Ribbons and Medals Military ribbons and medals for the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Navy, and Marine Corps. Thin and traditional mounted ribbons and medals. Medals & Awards USA 2016-08-18




The Grenade Recognition Manual A site devoted to historical information on Grenades and other artillery. Has several books on grenades of the world for sale. Books Posters Publications Canada 2016-05-23


Hardshell Turkey Manufacturer HARD SHELL is the industry-leading manufacturer of affordable and reliable Body Armor plates. These body armor plates are also known as ballistic plates. Modern Surplus Asia & The Pacific 2016-04-11


Hard Shell FZE Hard Shell FZE is one of the best ballistic protection product manufacturers in the UAE. All products of Hard Shell FZE are NIJ Certified. Uniforms & Equipment Middle East 2016-03-22


Body Armor Hard Shell U.S. is one of the best ballistic protection product manufacturers in the USA. All products of Hard Shell U.S. are NIJ Certified. Hardshell have been in the business of Ensuring Safety With State Of Art Armour Equipment for a long time now, and our ability to address the security. Worldwide Militaria USA 2016-03-05
Hungarian Military Music CD’s Extensive selections of WWI and WWII Hungarian Military Music in CD. DVD – CD – Video Western Europe 2016-01-07


Mourne Militaria Based in Northern Ireland. We buy, sell and trade in military artifacts from all periods of history, from a medal ribbon to a heavy machine gun.


Worldwide Militaria UK & Ireland 2015-12-20


Mainly WW2 Airborne Militaria. A collectors site specializing in original militaria of mainly WW2 Airborne items of all countries. All types of militaria from all nations will also be offered, including headdresses, uniforms, equipment, and paperwork. The site is regularly updated. WW2 General Militaria Western Europe 2015-12-14


Militaria from 1870 to 1918 Selling militaria from all countries from the period of 1870 to 1918. Selling only Army items: anything a soldier would have worn or carried into the field or on parade, no weapons, artillery, medals or paper items only headwear, coats, tunics, trousers, boots, belts and equipment, and others. Germany WW1 Canada 2015-05-28


War Medals from around the world for sale Welcome to War-Medals.Com, the one-stop-shop for historians, collectors, and dealers, offering a wide selection of medals, badges, and decorations from many dealers from around the world. We also have some original articles to help collectors make a wise purchase. Medals & Awards UK & Ireland 2015-05-14


LAH Military Antiques The website is dedicated to selling german militaria. I am expanding and improving the catalog, updating the content regularly, and offering original items. Also, I offer some copies for reenactment. Germany WW2 Spain 2013-05-11


Machine Gun Parts and Accessories Allegheny Arsenal, supplier to Collectors, Gunsmiths, Builders, Museums, U.S. Government and the Movie Industry of machine guns, assault weapons, military rifles, handguns, pistols, automatics, mounts, tripods, gun parts, militaria, ammunition, non-guns, and more. Let us serve you. Firearms USA 2013-05-10


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